Service Support

Focus On High-Precision Gear Manufacturing

Custom process


Early communication

Understand your detailed needs, such as drawing design, practical application, etc.


Drawing review

Professionally evaluate drawings to judge the feasibility of R&D and production


To map custom

According to the requirements of the drawing, carry out product proofing


Sample internal test

Internal professional inspection, issue quality inspection report


Sample debugging

Assemble and test the samples to ensure normal operation


Mass production

Pass the test, mass production, double guarantee of quality and delivery


After-sales service

Professional docking, timely response, worry-free after-sales

Core Advantages

core advantages

Quick Proofing

Engineers track the whole process to ensure sample quality and delivery

core advantages

Drawing review

Professional engineers review and evaluate drawings, check for omissions and make up for vacancies

core advantages

Precision control

The size is strictly controlled within the tolerance range of the drawings, and the batch products have high precision

core advantages

Quality control testing

Imported production/testing equipment, strict quality inspection process, to ensure product qualification rate

core advantages

Scale guarantee

More than 30 acres of production base, a total of more than 130 hosts and auxiliary equipment

core advantages

Industry selection

In recent years, we have provided tens of thousands of gears and related processing parts for more than a thousand manufacturers