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With rich manufacturing experience and advanced design and development capabilities in the industry, Kexin can customize various non-standard special high-precision spiral bevel gears (Gleason tooth system, Klingelnberg tooth system), hard-toothed cylindrical gears according to customer needs (Straight teeth, helical teeth, herringbone teeth without undercut) and gearboxes, the modulus is not limited, the maximum machining diameter is 2500mm, the grinding diameter is 1600mm, and the highest precision can reach DIN3 level. In recent years, it has provided tens of thousands of gears and related processing parts for more than a thousand manufacturers. The customers are located in more than 30 provinces and cities across the country. The products are widely used in military industry, aerospace, shipbuilding, wind power, locomotives, mining, oil drilling, metallurgy, and medical treatment. Equipment, precision machine tools and other fields